Defend Our Freedom. Today Army Needs You More Than Ever

That’s why we provide you opportunity to partner with an military agency that knows the people you need and has the ability to scale your benefits from field jobs to max.


Army Needs You is the world's largest military career company specializing in the design and implementation of customized recruiting solutions that deliver proven, dependable Leaders and Technicians transitioning into the military. Our services are completely flexible and tailored to match our corporate clients' needs while safeguarding benefits of a soldier.

You Feel Called to Serve

Whether it’s a family tradition or you just have a patriotic spirit, sometimes you can’t help but feel called for duty.

You're Ready for Adventure

If you love to travel and explore new areas, on average, you’ll move every few years to a new duty location.

Marketable Job Skills

No matter how long your contract is, you’re going to pick up skills that are marketable to the civilian world

Job Stability Sounds Good

If you can’t find work in your local area and even when the economy is bad, the military is always hiring.

Leadership is in Your DNA

The military is always in need of strong leaders whether you come in as an enlisted recruit or a commissioned officer.

You Want to Retire Early

If you serve 20 years or more in any branch, you’re eligible for retirement


Temp staffing saves you time and money. It gives you added flexibility and raises productivity. It ensures you get the right people, in the right positions, right away. And it’s the most efficient way to enhance your workforce and close skills gaps.


ArmyNeedsYou is a solution dedicated mainly for sub-contracting partners – our activity is characterized by big numbers of candidates recruited, high flexibility, variability and dynamics of employment.


When it is the time to terminate some of your employees you care about, keep your employer image strong by showing your care for them with the ArmyNedsYou Outplacement program for career transitioning

Make your move into military with agency who cares for you

Our military recruitment services are flexible and proactive and work with our clients to deliver an unrivalled and unique approach to recruiting the very best. We fully understand the security clearance system and process. We have unparalleled access to security cleared service candidates.

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Does Job Stability Sounds Good?
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Do You Want Marketable Job Skills?
Are You Ready for Adventure?

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We have partnered with top military recruitment firms worldwide. Your application will be available instantly to over 75 hiring right now global army recruitment agencies Army Needs You works in close partnership to deliver outstanding results for both parties.